Pennbretti Show Jumps

Working from our farm in Oxford, we manufacture Show Jumps made from both Macracarpra and Oregon hard woods


 Wing Set - Comprises of two full size wings, two x 3M poles and four  jump  cups. Max height as standard 1.35M. $300


 Wing Filler Set - comprises of two full size jump wings, one white    picket filler 60cm high, one x 3M jump pole and two jump cups. Max  height as standard 1.35M.  $325



 Stand filler set - Comprises of two full height fillers in white, 1 x white picket filler 60cm high, 1 x 3M pole and two jump cups. $265


 Pair of Cavaletti's - come in whitegloss, brown stain or white with 1 Meter  stripe through middle. Heights 30cm lower, 45cm Middle and 60cm top.  $160 per pair.